What’s Happening


Friends of the Webb Library

July 9, 2019


The meeting was called to order at 10:35 AM at the Webb Library by Sandy Bell who welcomed everyone.  In attendance were Sandy B, Ann H, Rosemary K, Sheila L, Arthur V and Diana V.


Diana V read the Minutes from the June 11, 2019 meeting.  There were two changes:  (1) In the Treasurer’s Report, the $100 donation was amended to read:  “… given by the Kumpel Family.”   In the Library Report section, the last sentence was corrected from “Our fiscal year ends 6/30/19” to “The Webb Library’s fiscal year ends 6/30/19.”    With these two changes, the Minutes were accepted as read.


Sheila L passed on there was no income for the month of June.   Expenses of $2,311.02 were for the Piano Room chairs (2 for $197.48 and 22 for $2113.54).  Stephen W and Ellen S purchased some plants for $166.97 noted under Grounds Beautification.  Bank balance as of 6/30/19 is $14,263.66.


There was no update this month on the Library Program status.

There was discussion and viewing of the ceilings in the second-floor meeting rooms which are a priority.  In particular, the Classic Room, where there is a large section of sagging plaster hanging 2” from the ceiling.  This is not the responsibility of the Friends.   We need to get in touch with Daniel Williams, head of Public Works for the town of Morehead City so he and the town are aware of this existing dangerous situation to patrons, books and the building.  All of the Friends should call.    Mr. Williams can be reached at (252) 726-6848 x 133.


Membership Committee – Sandy B has completed all the letters for upcoming renewals.  Rosemary V will handle.  Sandy will have the staff run a list of the new library patrons.  Thereafter, she will prepare a letter to invite them to join the Friends.

Chairs Committee – All 24 chairs were received and are in the Piano Room; they look great.


(1) Arm Chairs and Pillows – We are looking to order four arm chairs and seat pillows for the Piano Room.   Rosemary K had a photo with description of an arm chair, identified as a Schoolhouse Wood Arm Chair made by Beechwood Mountain.  It looks sturdy and will blend with the new chairs.  Ann Hill made a Motion to purchase the four chairs and some pillows, seconded by Sheila L.   On behalf of the Friends of the Library, Sandy has applied to the Earle W. Webb, Jr. Memorial Inc. for help with the purchase of the chairs and pillows.  The Chairman of the Memorial will take a phone vote of their board in hopes of getting approval for a donation.

(2) Piano Room Carpet – Sandy discussed the Piano Room carpet which needs to either be cleaned or replaced.

(3) Friends of the Webb Library debit card – Since a lot of companies no longer accept checks, Sheila L has arranged for a “Friends of the Webb Library” debit card.  It will be used for future purchases from companies that do not accept checks.

(4) Summer Program – Connie M submitted four children’s programs with projected costs.   Three of them total $300 which were given the go-ahead:  Marsha Harris-Dulcimer and American Indian Piper; Barbara and Bryan Blake Zydeco Music; and NC Aquarium Program – Turtle, Turtle, Watch Out.   The one for $550, Lynn Salsi, a children’s book author was not approved as it needs more definitive information.  Sandy will send a note to Connie on this.


The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, August 13th, at 10:30 AM at the Webb Library.


The meeting adjourned at 11:25 AM.