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Friends of the Webb Library

SEPTEMBER 14, 2021


Sandra Bell called the meeting to order at 10:30 AM and welcomed everyone.  There was no meeting in August so the Minutes and Treasurer Report reading will be from July.  In attendance were Sandra B., Brittany C., Rosemary K., Sheila L., Arthur V., Diana V. and Rosemary V.


Diana V. read the Minutes from the July 13, 2021 meeting.  There were no changes and the Minutes were accepted.


Brittany C. passed on current status:

Webb building will be vacated 12/31/21 

          After closing for the Christmas holiday, the Webb Library will remain closed

  •  Library will be closed for the Thanksgiving holiday
  • Floor plans are in place for the new Morehead City Library
  • Shelving has been ordered for the new library
  • The new name for the Library will be “Morehead City Public Library”
  • The address of the new building is 202 Eighth Street (corner of 8th and Evans)
  • Story Time has been moved to Tuesday for pre-school children
  • Seasonal (Fall) Card Making takes place in the Piano Room
  • MakerSpace – home school Mom comes on Friday with her children
  • Teachers Pet – 20 kids come in weekly for Story Time and Crafts


Sheila L,  provided July and August financial figures.

July:    Income

Membership Dues    $25.00

Donations          50.00 (for Betsy Bowen Memorial Fund)

Book Sales               18.00


No Expenses

August:    No Income


Progreen        $50.00  [garden lawn]

Bank Balance as of 8/31/21 … $12,054.30

Treasurer Report was approved and will be filed for audit.


MEMBERSHIPS:   No renewals sent out.


  • Sandy talked with Deborah C.  She will not do anything more with the Garden since the Library will be moving.
  • Fountains are now working
  • We had contracted to replace the fence and repair the latch; materials are on order, so we will finish that project.
  • Little Free Library repair will be done.  Sandy found a wasp in the LFL and she will find the source and get it repaired.

There will be a formal VOTE next month on a decision regarding disbanding / name change / giving funds to another 501c / suggestion for use of the building.  If you have an interest, please show up and vote at the meeting.



-There was a discussion on having an Appreciation Lunch for the Staff.  Diana and Rosemary V will work on this and get some venues, menus, etc.  Date TBD.  Diana made a motion for the luncheon not to exceed $600, seconded by Rosemary K.

-We will discuss a Holiday/Farewell Open House next month.  Come with ideas on how to best handle this amid the moving process that will be taking place.


The next meeting will be Tuesday October 12th at 10:30 AM at the Webb Library.

ADJOURNMENT:  The meeting adjourned at 11:45 AM.

July 13, 2021


Sandra B. called the meeting to order at 10:45 AM and thanked all for coming.

In attendance were Sandra B., Brittany C., Ann H., Rosemary K., Sheila L., Joan S., Diana V. and Rosemary V.



Sandy read the Minutes from the June 8, 2021 meeting.  The Minutes were approved with one exception as follows:  Under New Business, remove first sentence and replace with:  Betsy Bowen Estate money will be held in escrow.  With this change, the June 8, 2021 Minutes were accepted.


Joan S ..

  • Deborah C. has been working in the garden and has been doing some cleaning in the Library
  • Movie Matinee begins Wednesday, July 28th at 2 PM
  • Book Club will commence Thursday, August 5th

Brittany C ..

  • The Tuesday Summer Reading Program continues
  • Monday and Thursday is Parks & Recreation Storytime and is doing well. 10-12 kids come in twice a week
  • Children’s Storytime averages 6 kids/week with four adults
  • Pre-school children are coming back to Makers Space
  • 3D Printer is now working – a lot of interest in this
  • The new children’s 3-dimensional book with pop-ups is available but limited at the present time
  • Currently working on the Oculus project – interactive 3D/4D glasses with apps and computers (similar to a virtual game)
  • The young adults group has grown
  • There were 12-14 kids at the Erin Loftin Mace Storytelling on June 22nd – very successful

Daughters of the American Revolution recently held a meeting at the Webb Library.  In response to the DAR’s American History Essay contest, the winner, August Morris, was invited to read his essay at the May 10th meeting at the Webb Library.  Thereafter, he was presented with an American History Medal.


Membership Renewals was discussed.  It was decided that no renewals will go out until we know status of the Library move.


Membership Dues            $  30.00

Donations            505.00

Book Sales              12.00

Total Income                $547.00

Children’s events            $115.60

Floor Trim            874.40 *

Grounds Beautification    103.01

Honorariums              50.00

Total Expenses          $1143.01

Bank balance as of 6/30/21 is $12,885.70.


*An email vote was taken on June 29, 2021 regarding an increase in price

for the floor trim in the upstairs room.  A decision was made to pay the

additional cost based on the affirmative votes.

Treasurer Report was accepted and will be filed for audit.



  • Fence/Gates – second gate should be refurbished and installed in early August
  • The fencing sections are on order and should be received within three weeks
  • Negative:  Fountains are not working / lawn not mowed
  • Painting of the new trim along the upstairs newly refinished wood floor was put on hold


Doors and Latches on the Little Friends Library in Brandywine Bay need to be repaired.  Rosey  K. made a motion to hire someone to make the repair, seconded by Rosemary V.


There will be no meeting in August.  The next meeting of the Friends is scheduled for Tuesday, September 14th  at 10:30 AM at the Webb Library.


The meeting adjourned at 12:30 P




June 8, 2021


Sandra Bell called the meeting to order at 11:05 AM and welcomed everyone.  There was no meeting in May, so the Minutes read will be from April and the Treasurer Report will include both April and May figures.

In attendance were Sandra B., Brittany C., Ann H., Rosemary K., Sheila L, Joan S., Arthur V., Diana V. and Rosemary V.


Joan S.

  • Numbers are increasing; more people are coming in

  • Mornings are busier than the afternoons

  • Movie Matinee will start again soon … date to be determined.  Those previously interested will get a notice in the mail, and a general announcement will be made to the public.

  • Ellen is talking about starting the Book Club again

  • Regarding the move of the Library, no information has been given to the employees as yet.  At this time it is unknown how long the building on Evans Street will be used as the Library.   The building will not be sold; it is a community center.

Brittany C.

  • A local children’s author, Erin Loftin Mace, will be at the Webb on Tuesday, June 22nd 11 AM – Noon.  She has written two children’s books – “When the King Thought of You” and “Please Turn on the Light.”  Erin will read one of them on June 22nd.  There is no fee for Erin’s appearance; the Friends will give her a $50 check which will include the purchase of the two books.

  • Next week Parks & Recreation Storytime will start up again on Monday and Thursday in the Piano Room.

  • The Summer Reading Program is starting today with sign-ups.


Diana V. read the Minutes from the April 13, 2021 meeting.  There were three changes in the Library Report Section.  Changes are as follows:

  • The Crystal Coast Women’s Book Club is holding one meeting a month which commenced in January.

  • Computer usage is up.

  • Re National Library Week .. All entries were reviewed and winners were drawn at random and given book bags.

There were no other modifications.  With the above changes, the April 13, 2021  Minutes were accepted.


Sheila L. reported as follows:

  • Income for April    $  15.00    Membership Dues

  • Income for May    $280.00    Membership Dues ($30) and Donations ($250)

  • Book Sales for May    $  17.00

          No Expenses in April

  • Expenses in May    $  50.00    ProGreen

  •   Projects in May    $250.00    Garden Gate powder coated

Financials Year-To-Date:

Net income is down / Programs and events are up

Balance as of 5/31/21 is $12,857.31

Note:  The expenses for Eastern Wood (refurbishing of floors in the Piano Room) will be moved from Programs/Events under Expenses on the Financial Sheet dated 6/8/21 to Project/Capital Expenses.  With this correction the Treasurer Report was approved and will be filed for Audit.


Rosemary V. has taken over Memberships.  There will be one sent out this month.  The membership drive renewal will be continued.

Two checks were received made in Betsy Bowen’s memory.  Thank you notes were sent out.  Details will be noted in next month’s Minutes.


Floor trim – Mark requested to finish the floor trim when it becomes too warm to work outside.  Sandy approved and Mark will work on floor trim at that time.

  • Bathrooms – There will be a hold on this project until we know what is going on with the building

  • Fencing/Gates – this project will go forward as planned


           Betsy Bowen’s estate monies will be held in an escrow account until determination is made as to what is being done at the Library

  • Removing Library from the Webb Building and how it will affect Friends of the Library of the Webb Center

  • Possible Alternatives – name change, transferring to another nonprofit, etc.

Diana will look into this.


The next meeting of the Friends is scheduled for Tuesday, July 13th  at 11 AM at the Webb Library.

ADJOURNMENT:   The meeting adjourned at 12:35 PM.