What’s Happening


Friends of the Webb Library

November 12, 2019



The meeting was called to order at 10:30 AM at the Webb Library by Sandy Bell who welcomed everyone.  In attendance were Sandy Bell, Betty Kinnear, Rosemary Kumpel, Sheila Leppert, Arthur Vanek and Diana Viglianese.



Diana Viglianese read the Minutes from the October 8, 2019 meeting.  Two changes to the Minutes were made:  (1) The Library Report section was removed and (2) the phone number under New Business relating to the authors’ visits was removed.   With these two changes, Sandy Bell accepted the Minutes as read.



Sheila Leppert reported the month’s activity: 

  • Income of $85 in membership dues and $81 in book sales.  Total Income was $166.
  • Expenses of $28.73 for refreshments for authors’ visits and $300 speaker’s fee for one of the Children’s Events.
  • Net income for the month $ (134.00)
  • Bank balance as of 10/31/19 is $12,964.10
  • Net income YTD is $ (1221.65)Everything is under budget except for Projects which relates to the chairs purchased.  The Treasurer’s Report was accepted as read. 


    James Swann stopped by and reported as follows:

  • Damage yesterday in men’s room was caused by a leaking pipe in the ceiling.
  • Trying to get 5 more Hot Spots.  Hot Spots’ use is for one week & successful.
  • We will start 11/20 with a Play Always, a Walkman for books.    Rental program is 15 books to start.   Within three months we’ll get another five books and will return five books from the first 15, etc., so that in one year there will be 30 books available with Play Always.
  • Garden needs to be cleaned and weeded.  The Town is responsible for this.
  • Elevator needs repair:–Alignment – Otis personnel have been out and another visit is required.–Batteries for light in elevator to be replaced.  James will get these.
  • Roof replacement should start next week.
  • The Children’s use of the Library is down.COMMITTEE REPORTSMembership Committee – Sheila provided an update re the 51 USPS mailings that came back as undeliverable.   She re-mailed and only 15 were returned.   From all the email and USPS mailings, one Lifetime Member was enrolled.  There have been 20 renewals thus far and more are being processed.

    Sandy will need a new list for renewals which Sheila will provide in January.

    Projects – Chairs Committee – Four chairs were sold; the remaining are in Sandy’s garage and will be going to Habitat for Humanity.



    Holiday Open House – will be held Tuesday, December 10th.     Sandy will send out an email to the Friends Membership re food contributions.  She will speak to the Library staff about putting an announcement in their blanket email.



    Flag has been placed for the Little Free Library to be positioned in Brandywine Bay.   Once installed, we will register it for recognition.



    Friends will have a list of food & beverages for the Open House in next few weeks.

    Annie Rains, the NC best-selling contemporary novelist who spoke at the Webb last week, donated three of her books to the Friends.   We will have a raffle for the book trio the day of the Holiday Open House.



    The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, December 10th.   It will be short and held prior to the Holiday Open House.



    The meeting adjourned at 11:15 AM.